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    Alan Rivas, LCSW, Founder

    I founded Alan Rivas Therapy after discovering that many individual struggle to find competent psychotherapists. I believe that your mental health is just as important as your physical health and that everybody can benefit from psychotherapy. Professional and competent care is of utmost important to me. All our therapists are psychotherapist licensed in Texas and Florida, who have been meticulously vetted by me personally.

    I have been practicing in the mental health field for twenty years and received my Social Work and Psychology degrees from Texas State University. I am bilingual and have extensive experience working with the Spanish-speaking population. My position at Yale University allowed me to develop valuable skills working with families and children. The Yale psychiatric program, where I had the privilege of serving, won the American Psychiatric Association’s Most Innovative Treatment Model for 2007.

    I seek to create an atmosphere that is warm and empathetic while encouraging clients to be open to deep and profound exploration. This dynamic has proven to foster the kind of environment I believe is conducive to growth and change. I believe the foundation to a successful therapeutic relationship is the creation of a safe place for one to explore conflicts, issues, and feelings. When this is possible, I believe the door opens for meaningful and significant growth to occur. Perhaps more importantly, I believe growth can take many forms: career success, improved relationships, improved sense of well-being, enhanced sense of self, reduction of painful/unwanted symptoms. The kind of growth one is seeking is best decided upon by careful collaboration between the therapist and the client.

    ​I am licensed to provide psychotherapy services in Texas (Lic#53620) and in Florida (Lic#TPSW846).