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    Wendy Contreras, LPC

    I am a licensed professional counselor who has been in the field for a little over 6 years. My multilayered lens brings healing, integration, and transformation to the lives of others through individual counseling. I guide mothers towards empowerment by helping them attune to the wisdom of their bodies through mindfulness and self compassion. I am passionate about supporting clients to lean into the discomfort while allowing it to transform them into feeling empowered and more in control of their day to day lives, whatever that may be.

    I’m a bilingual Hispanic mother who understands what it’s like to feel overwhelmed as a mom and I’m passionate about helping you achieve self-care in order to move into motherhood in a way that feels authentic to you. Before private practice most of my work has been working with adults who suffer from chronic pain and adolescent therapy. However, after my daughter was born, I believe I found my calling to work with moms who try to “do it all” and strive to do it perfectly. ​My additional specialties include anxiety, depression, and post-partum depression.